In August 2017 NMSTU gave a cheerful festival, devoted to Philology. "Summer philological school". The meaning was following: summer, heat, Philology. Philology, as a way to diversify your leisure. Of course it should be full of fun, but why should we limit our development in studying texts of tracks? Do you love poetry? Brodsky? Yesenin? Pushkin finally? Do you think people were not crazy about them? And I think that many of you reading this post know who I'm talking about!

Okay, new standarts of modern culture and literature. But how to take a modern one, if there are not any ideas about the former one? About the landmark. About untouchable. How often do you follow your speech? I want to appeal to all foreign citizens coming to Magnitogorsk, or living here. Will you agree, it would be much easier to exist in this town with good knowledge of Russian? Of course, the historical roots and the native language is sacred, nobody claims it. But you can develop! Expand your horizons!

And, I would like to say that this is the event “Russian Summer School” dedicated to. Our teachers try to keep up with students and speak with them on their language! Even though I live several years in Russia, but still learning a lot of interesting and new things! There is no limit to perfection!

Girls, Boys, everybody, welcome to the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and the Department of Literature and Linguistics at the NMSTU"

Sultonov M., participant of the Summer school of Philology 2017