As part of the project "All Honour to the Russian Language" and together with the library of the Nagaibaksky district in the Chelyabinsk Region foreign students from Magnitogorsk State Technical University are becoming acquainted with the culture of Russian nations.

On 17 April 2017, our students from Brazil, Italy and Syria went to the village Paris. They were accorded a warm and hearty welcome by the hospitable village dwellers.

The organizers of the reception tried to show all Nagaibak culture. The tour of the museum in Paris turned out to be so exciting that many people wanted to become acquainted with the culture. The students learned about the custom of celebrating Easter in small villages. They also took part in the culinary master class trying to cook a national dish on their own.

Our guests had no wish to leave and part from the hospitable and genial village dwellers. The students were deeply impressed after visiting Paris.