Наши слушатели курса "Русский язык как иностранный" Абделазиз Шериф (Египет) и Бакр Алькудси (Сирия) приняли участие в III Международном фотоконкурсе "Мы учимся в России!", организуемым БаШГУ среди иностранных обучающихся. Работы наших слушателей были высоко оценены жюри конкурса.

The 1st round is available in the section "Olympiade". Deadline for the task of the 1st round is 02.03.2018.

Faculty of additional education of children and adults and the Department of Russian as a foreign language of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University invites you to participate in the international Olympiad on Russian as a foreign language!

Dear friends! For international students at the Department of Russian as a foreign language was held the contest "Russian poetry is music of the soul". The competition was attended by students from Brazil, Syria, England, Italy and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

eng Roger Hackett from England came to our university at the end of the summer, and began a course in Russian as a foreign language.

In August 2017 NMSTU gave a cheerful festival, devoted to Philology. "Summer philological school". The meaning was following: summer, heat, Philology. Philology, as a way to diversify your leisure. Of course it should be full of fun, but why should we limit our development in studying texts of tracks? Do you love poetry? Brodsky? Yesenin? Pushkin finally? Do you think people were not crazy about them? And I think that many of you reading this post know who I'm talking about!